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hooked_on_heroines: "Well behaved women rarely make history." (Well Behaved Women)

Hooked on Heroines

Carry on being awesome, ladies!

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Name:Hooked On Heroines
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Carry on being awesome, ladies!
This is a community focused on writing women in fiction- original fiction or fanfiction- and more specifically, writing women who are awesome. In some way, in her own way, she is awesome- she may be the heroine, she may not, she may be sleeping with someone really hot, she may not. But she is, in a word, awesome.

Everyone who wants to discuss this is welcome! This community is intended as a meta community. [community profile] shes_awesome is also an awesome community about awesome women, but they have a different focus. Go check them out! (A list of related communities will be in this place soon!)

This is a place to discuss women you're writing, women originally written by others who you're writing now (AKA, writing canon characters in fic), and writing women in general.

This is *not* a comm to discuss the use of the term "Mary Sue" and whether you have problems with it or not. This is a place to discuss Awesome Female Characters (AFCs).

Please make use of the tags system! "FCs" stands for "Female Characters". Invent new tags (nice, broad categories please) as necessary.

Also, many of us do not share the same fandoms- it's a wide world. So when you mention a character, please do us all a favor and state what canon she's from. Thanks!

1. DW Terms Of Service.
2. The phrases "Mary Sue", "Marty Stu" or any references to "litmus tests" and the like are VERBOTEN. THOU SHALT NOT. If you are concerned about the way a character is written, find *other words* to describe why.
3. Regarding editing posts: You may edit to add as much as you like- just leave a note as to what you added each time. If you want to edit to delete, please use a strikethrough instead of just deleting what you had written. (Unless you're just fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, in which case, just note that.)

The administrators are [personal profile] quinfirefrorefiddle and [personal profile] staranise. Quin is the general administrator, and goldjadeocean is in charge of the media discussion group.
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